Archetypes & Entrepreneurs: “You're gonna need a bigger boat…”

Archetypes & Entrepreneurs: “You're gonna need a bigger boat…”

In the heart of every entrepreneur burns the flame of a hero's spirit, a defiant light against the encroaching darkness of the 'monsters' they face. These beasts take many forms: market dominators, economic downturns, or even the internal goliaths of fear and doubt. To triumph in the marketplace is to tell a story of victory—a narrative of overcoming the monster that both resonates with and inspires your audience.

Using the 'Overcoming the Monster' archetype, as featured in movies like JAWS, to brand and market is to craft a David versus Goliath tale where your business emerges as the unlikely, yet destined, champion. Here are seven strategies that will arm you for the battle and help you to wield this powerful archetype to your advantage:

1. Define the Monster in Your Marketplace

Your first step is identifying the adversary in your story. Is it a rival company whose footprint overshadows yours? A problematic stereotype or misinformation about your industry? Or is it an internal monster, such as the hurdle of limited resources? Pinpointing the nature of your beast is critical, for a hero cannot fight an unseen enemy.

Pro Tip:  Conduct thorough market research to understand your challenges. Analyze competitor strategies and customer feedback to pinpoint the exact 'monster' you're up against.

2. Carve Out Your Hero's Niche

A hero is defined by their qualities—their courage, their inventiveness, their moral fiber. What are the virtues of your brand that will help you overcome your monster? Perhaps it's your commitment to customer service, your innovative product, or your ethical sourcing. Define what makes your brand heroic, and let these traits shine in your messaging.

Pro Tip:  List your brand's unique selling propositions and incorporate them consistently across all marketing materials. Your hero’s virtues should become your brand’s slogans.

3. Chronicle Your Quests and Conquests

Your marketing should narrate the journey of your brand—the struggles, the setbacks, and the wins. It’s about the ‘episodes’ that make up your story. Did you beat a sales goal despite the odds? Did you pivot during a crisis and come out stronger? These are your battle hymns, the verses that will be sung by your customers.

Pro Tip:  Use storytelling in your content marketing. Write blog posts, create videos, and use social media to tell the ongoing story of your brand's quest.

4. Build a Tribe of Fellow Warriors

No hero defeats the monster alone. Frodo had the Fellowship, and you have your customers and employees. Engage with your community and make them feel a part of your narrative. When they buy your product, they're not just purchasing an item; they're arming a warrior for battle.

Pro Tip:  Create a loyalty program or community platform that rewards engagement and turns customers into advocates. Empower them with the feeling that they are part of your 'tribe.'

5. Arm Yourself with the Shield of Authenticity

In a world weary of hollow advertising and false promises, your greatest defense is authenticity. Share genuine stories, be transparent about your struggles, and speak truthfully about your product's capabilities. A hero’s strength is measured by their honesty and integrity.

Pro Tip:  Foster transparency through behind-the-scenes content, open dialogues with customers, and truthful advertising. Let authenticity be your brand's shield.

6. Learn from Your Foes

In every great battle, a hero learns valuable lessons from their foe. Maybe your 'monster' has forced you to innovate rapidly, to streamline your operations, or to understand your customers better. Use these lessons as part of your story—they are the scars that prove your worth and wisdom.

Pro Tip:  After each campaign or business quarter, analyze what worked and what didn’t. Use these insights to inform your strategy and share your learnings with your audience.

By embracing these six strategies, entrepreneurs can harness the power of the 'Overcoming the Monster' archetype to craft a brand story that is as enduring as it is inspiring. When told with courage and conviction, your brand's saga will resonate with the human spirit's intrinsic love for the underdog's triumph, the hero's journey, and the ultimate victory over the looming shadows.

Closing Thoughts

In the marketplace, as in mythology, monsters exist to be defeated. They are the narrative contrast against which your brand's heroism is defined and illuminated. Each challenge overcome is a testament to your brand's resilience and commitment to its values. These tales of victory are not mere self-aggrandizement but serve as a beacon to others, inspiring them to overcome their own challenges.

The journey of 'Overcoming the Monster' in business is a perpetual testament to innovation, quality, and genuine customer connection. It speaks to the heart of what consumers desire in the brands they support—not just solutions but stories they can believe in and heroes they can rally behind.

As you apply these strategies, it’s essential to remember that storytelling in branding is an art form that requires consistency, creativity, and a deep understanding of your audience. The 'monster' you overcome today may not be the one you face tomorrow, but the narrative framework remains a steadfast ally in your marketing arsenal.

…and that’s a story worth telling, 


Nick Herrera | Founder of Celebrity CMO 

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