Brand Damage: A Brand Nightcap Vol.3

Brand Damage: A Brand Nightcap Vol.3

Think Bigger.

Consider this headline from today's business news:

Target to close 9 stores, including 3 in the San Francisco Bay Area, citing safety concerns

Tonight's message is think bigger than your business.

While Target publicly cites 'safety concerns' as the reason for the closing of 3 stores in California's Bay Area, 3 stores in Portland, 2 in Seattle, and 1 in New York City, the truth is far less vague.

Target is set to lose $1.5 billion this year due to theft and organized crime, with the above locations serving as...headquarters if you will.

Skipping the politics the closing message for you is this...

The moral, political, economic and spiritual conditions that surround your business now hold more weight than entrepreneurs are often willing to consider.

As you continue building tomorrow, consider the strategic naiveness of Target, of Bud Light, of Fox News, of ESPN, and the list goes on.

Know your customer...certainly.

But even more so, understand the global arena in which you compete. |