Brand Damage: Marketing Nightcap Vol. 8

Brand Damage: Marketing Nightcap Vol. 8

Where there is no trust, there is no accountability.

Where there is no accountability, there you will find a lack of relatability, empathy, and a lack of truth.

A brand cannot thrive or survive for long without these components.

The current political landscape in America embodies such statements and is frankly a turn-off for millions.

This clip that surfaced this evening of Vivek Ramaswamy has one cringeworthy moment but if there were ever moments worthy of attention in an otherwise childish display, they're in this five-minute reel.

The man has a pulse on the conversations happening among everyday Americans on every side.

Fail he may, but he's putting up a real fight for the Republican party, and the Republican brand.

And his demonstration this evening holds a marketing and brand strategy lesson for the entrepreneur with ears to hear.

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