Brand Damage: Marketing Nightcap Vol. 9

Brand Damage: Marketing Nightcap Vol. 9
"I used to care but things have changed."
- Bob Dylan

A recent YouGov survey found that 52% of U.S. consumers plan to skip Black Friday shopping altogether, including 24% who’ve shopped Black Friday before but will take a pass this year. 

Major publications are telling consumers to shop for deals now.

Amazon is rolling out its Black Friday deals a week in advance.

Etc, etc.

The point is things have changed...and are changing.

Consumer leverage has changed.

Operational landscapes are ever-evolving.

And as is evident on so many fronts, mass amounts of people don't feel the way they once did in areas that were seemingly strongholds.

Case in point, the National Retail Federation found that 62% of prospective Black Friday shoppers now feel that the event is a scam to get them to spend more $$$.

While the heels of your business may be dug in already as you look to next week, don't be surprised if the following Monday's sales and marketing meeting is not as amped as you anticipate it to be.

This time of year business may leave a lot of operations wondering 'What happened?'

You've been informed ahead of time.

Play the long game with your customers.

Focus on relationships, and avoid traditions and assumptions.

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