Brand Damage: Marketing Nightcap Vol. 4

Brand Damage: Marketing Nightcap Vol. 4

So you're building a brand right?

You're thinking about how you are going to make content and build an audience that will lead to business growth and the accomplishment of your goals.

Maybe you'll start a podcast, or start posting on this platform or that platform.

Go ahead. All of that is good and clearly works.

That said, consider this nugget as you ponder your paths this evening.

Take your values and the things you're most opinionated about.

Then take your experiences that have led you to where you are professionally and all that you've come to know at this point in your life.

Then through teaching, place your values, experiences, and understanding in service to solve a problem for a specific person, trying to accomplish a specific task.

Do this in a simple manner. And do it consistently.

And don't be boring.

Start on YouTube.

Then take your best, brightest, and most receptive messages and ideas and spread them out across the many other platforms.

Experiment with different ways to share the same message and insight because you're helping a specific person, with a specific problem.

Give very little thought to what you'll get and how many followers you get per attempt.

Just simply analyze whether your content is being watched on YouTube or not.

When it's not landing, adjust the message, think about video titles and thumbnails, but keep your purpose the same.

To help a specific person or category of people, with a specific problem.

Do this over the next year.

You'll be surprised at where you'll end up.