Darius Bell

Darius Bell

Executive Producer & Cheif Brand Officer of Pain to Profit$

My name is Darius. I'm a husband and father of four. Generating ideas, storytelling, and finding creative solutions to problems are what I am built to do. As a kid, I was entrepreneurial, doing things like selling candy bars, leaf bagging, and snow shoveling but growing up where I did, the entrepreneurship I witnessed wasn't the kind you wanted to participate in. I understand very clearly what it means to be a late-start entrepreneur. In 2013 I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and it was then that I decided becoming an entrepreneur was the path I would take.

Over the next eight years, I would run restaurants, start side hustles, start and fail at growing two clothing lines, and dive headlong into a 5-year career in digital marketing. During my time in the marketing space, I developed my craft as a copywriter, multimedia content producer, and brand strategist. Culminating with me co-leading the brand development for a 100MM ARR marketing technology company.

The most important skills I've developed in the last 8 years of both succeeding and falling short is that I learned to value listening to consumers and analyzing their behavior through media and data to identify opportunities to market effectively and see where the next shift will take place.

I am actively involved in my community in both the faith and civic arenas and believe the quality of the American Republic goes with the character and effort of both profit and non-profit-based entrepreneurs. While entrepreneurship is sexy, right? The next ten years will prove who is willing to bet on themselves and who will work to serve the marketplace with creative solutions to some apparent problems.