Ep 31 - How I Built A $150M Portfolio Just On Twitter | Nick Huber

Ep 31 -  How I Built A $150M Portfolio Just On Twitter | Nick Huber

Nick Huber has built a $150,000,000 business portfolio entirely on Twitter.

He did it by 'building in public' and now reaches millions of people across social media who want to use real estate and business to reach time and financial freedom.

In this sit down with Samson he brings a ton of real, simple, and easy to apply game for you on your journey from pain to profits.

You're going to want to hear more from Nick so here are some ways you can get in touch with him and all of his businesses.

Nick's Twitter - https://twitter.com/sweatystartup
Business Brokerage - https://nickhuber.com/
Personal Brand - https://sweatystartup.com/
Self Storage - https://boltstorage.com/
Bold SEO - https://boldseo.com/
Insurance - https://titanrisk.com/
Recruiting - https://recruitjet.com/
Landing Page / Web Development - https://webrun.com/
Overseas Staffing - https://supportshepherd.com/
Debt and Equity - https://bluekeycapital.com/
Tax Credit - https://taxcredithunter.com/
Cost Segregation - https://recostseg.com/
Performance Marketing - https://adrhino.com/
Pest control - https://spidexx.com/