Ep 38 - Going ALL IN on what matters to you | Curt Bear

Ep 38 - Going ALL IN on what matters to you | Curt Bear

Curt Bear founded LoCo Think Tank, following his departure from a 15-year banking career to pursue his dreams of owning a local-food restaurant.

Instead of opening a restaurant, Curt and his team opted for a food trailer, which they successfully operated for a few seasons. During this time, Curt established a second LoCo chapter, driven by his passion for creating a positive impact in the lives of fellow entrepreneurs.

The members of his LoCo chapter encouraged him to focus on the growing Think Tank, leading him to find a flexible job that allowed him to devote ample time to LoCo's expansion.

Embracing this advice, Curt secured a position with Thrivent Financial, a company he admired. As the LoCo Think Tank continued to flourish, Curt's dedication to the initiative led to the establishment of third, fourth, and fifth chapters. Eventually, Curt fully committed himself to LoCo Think Tank, transitioning from his former banking career and becoming a full-time entrepreneur and leader in the Think Tank community.