PAIN TO PROFIT$: A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline

PAIN TO PROFIT$: A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline

August 2023 Edition

The Summer Slump is real.  This is the time of year when we take our foot off the gas. The weather is great, the kids are off of school, and we are squeezing out the last bit of summer.

Time to dig in and dig deep.

"Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to fail big, to dream big, but remember, dreams without goals, are just dreams. And they ultimately fuel disappointment. So have dreams, but have goals, life goals, yearly goals, monthly goals, and daily goals."



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6 Reasons Why You Don’t Look Like You Workout and What to Do About It
I always wanted to be the girl that people saw, and they were like, “damn, that girl works out.” I wanted to have GI Jane arms and legs that could crush watermelons. I just wanted something to show for the amount of work I was putting in at the gym.
Sales Management: Strategies for Leading a Successful Sales Team
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Hiring The Right People
A crucial aspect of building the dream team is hiring employees who fit perfectly within your company’s culture, values, and mission. Trust me when I say this- finding the right fit can make all the difference between a thriving business and a rocky road ahead. I’ve been there and

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Ep 34 - Anyone Can Buy A Business | Think SBA
In this episode, Samson chats with Ryan Smith, founder of Think SBA. They dig into his journey from corporate banking to becoming a SBA finance entrepreneur, and the major opportunities entrepreneurs of all kinds have to buy their dream business today.
Ep 33 - Redefining Entrepreneurship | Patrick Soukup
In this episode, Samson sits down with Patrick Soukup to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, having an entrepreneurial lineage, and what it takes to carve your own unique path as a leader.
Ep 32 - Two Entrepreneurs Are Better Than One | FNIC
In this episode, Samson sits down with Dylan Vallino and Jeramie Holt of FNIC, two guys from the east coast who are making insurance in Colorado a lot less complicated. By embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and putting values and trust over money, they are building a business that insurance indus…

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