PUL$E: 7️⃣Economic Signals To Watch

PUL$E: 7️⃣Economic Signals To Watch

There is a reason that we spend so much time talking about economics, politics, and culture on this channel. Because it's indicative of where the game of business is going. And in the wise words of Wayne Gretzky:

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.

Here are the top 7 segments of the economy that we are paying attention to:

New Form of Entrepreneurship: 2023 is witnessing a transformation in the entrepreneurial landscape. Entrepreneurs are increasingly diversifying, focusing on social issues, and engaging in multiple ventures simultaneously. This shift is partially driven by the economic disruptions over the past few years, which are expected to continue​​.​​​​

Investment in Technology and Clean Energy: Significant investments are being made in technology sectors, particularly in semiconductors and clean technology, including projects related to electric vehicles, batteries, and solar and wind parts. These investments, totaling $220 billion by mid-2023, have been stimulated by legislative actions like the IRA and CHIPS Act​​.

Global Economic Growth Projections: The global GDP growth is projected to be 3% for 2023, according to the OECD Economic Outlook from September. However, this growth is expected to decrease to 2.7% in 2024. Factors contributing to this slowdown include global monetary policy adjustments, a slower-than-expected recovery in China, and concerns about persistent inflation​​.

Work Culture in Entrepreneurial Ventures: There's a growing sentiment against demanding excessively long working hours without proportional compensation among entrepreneurs and business leaders. This shift reflects a broader trend where professionals are seeking a better work-life balance and prioritizing personal life​​.

US Consumer Sentiment and Inflation Expectations: In the U.S., consumer sentiment has fallen for the fourth consecutive month of November 2023. The University of Michigan's Consumer Sentiment Index indicates growing concerns about inflation and the negative impacts of high-interest rates. The long-term economic outlook has decreased, influenced by ongoing global conflicts and internal economic conditions​​​​.

Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Hikes: The Federal Reserve has increased interest rates significantly since March 2022 to control inflation. Their actions are closely monitored as they impact consumer attitudes and spending behaviors, which are crucial for economic stability and growth​​.

General Economic Perception in the US: Despite improvements in employment and wage growth post-pandemic, U.S. households generally hold a pessimistic view of the economy due to persistent inflation. Interestingly, this perception persists even as gasoline prices, a significant factor in inflation views, have decreased​​.

Remember, as entrepreneurs, we are not just participants in the economy; we are active creators of economic change. Let's lead the way with innovation, responsibility, and foresight.

Together, we can shape a prosperous future.



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