$ales & Lead$: 💦A Sweaty Startup

$ales & Lead$: 💦A Sweaty Startup

This week I want you to analyze Nick Huber aka @SweatyStartup on Twitter.  

This guy is the Beast of an entrepreneur, and if you follow his content, you will know his entire life changed when he committed to building content on Twitter. Back in 2019, Nick Made a commitment to go all in on building his personal brand.  Not because he is an ego manic and not because he wanted to be famous.  But Because he saw the power in building trust, in a world full of disingenuous, inauthentic, copycats.  

Today, Nick is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and content creator focused on real estate and small business. And in the past 9 months, he co-founded 6 more companies including RE Cost Set, RecruitJet, Titan Risk, Blue Key Capital, Tax Credit Hunter, and WebRun Labs.

But how was he able to do that?

Because he has over 300,000 subs on Twitter, 45,000 on Linkedin, 24,000 subs on YouTube, and a killer Podcast Called "Sweaty Startup".  Not to mention he owns 1.9M square feet of storage real estate and close to $50M in topline revenue across all his companies.

So, Why Am I Telling You This?

Because success leaves clues.   And although success is simple, it's not easy.  But those who can do the simple for an uncommon length of time always win.

Here are 3 things that I noticed about Nick Huber that you can immediately leverage in your own personal brand strategy.  

  • He is consistent. How do you get a following that big? Show up every day. This dude never misses.  Every single day, he is creating intentional content.
  • He is unafraid of judgment.  In fact, he uses his content channel to gain feedback about what he is doing, along with where his ideas might be flawed. Then uses that to make decisions and parlays that into his third strategy.
  • He builds in public.  Because he is so open and candid, people fall in love with his story, and like a great movie they want to see how it ends.  As a result, he has been able to raise millions of dollars and launch new businesses by way of his audience knowing his integrity, intent, capabilities & results.  In other words, his audience feels like they know, like, and trust him.

So this begs the question,  

Why is Samson So Passionate About This Topic Of Creating Content As a Sales Strategy?

Because, if what you are doing right now is so uninspiring that you are not excited to share it with the world, or you are afraid of getting judged for being wrong, then you should probably quit.  

Quit Right Now!  Because Life is way too short.

I dunno about you, but I wake every Damn day, excited to create.  Excited to build a masterpiece.

Because if you can't see yourself doing what you are doing for another 10 years, and being joyful, fulfilled, and satisfied, then you are doing the wrong thing.


If on the other hand, you are loving what you are doing, fulfilled and satisfied, but not creating content, then you must be one of two things

Lazy or NOT an entrepreneur.  

Which leaves me with a fundamental question...

Why are you reading this email?  Why are you still a subscriber?

Someday and one day are best friends with shoulda, coulda, and woulda.

I am so committed to the concept of building a bigger platform and the power of a personal brand that have invested more than $75,000 to build mine this year.  

Which means one of us is crazy.  

And I am betting it's not me.

So I leave you with this...get busy creating or get busy finding the things that are so inspiring that you can't help but share it with the world.



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