$ales & Lead$: Our Brains Love New Stuff, and It’s Killing Our Business

$ales & Lead$: Our Brains Love New Stuff, and It’s Killing Our Business

Our brains are an incredible infrastructure of almost 100 billion neurons, each of which, on average, is connected to about 10,000 other neurons.

But although our supercomputer brain can solve highly complex problems, create art, and feel compassion, it also has a fatal system flaw that will kill our business if we don't actively override it.

We are so wired for novelty that we often seek newness as a means to alleviate the boring when in reality, the boring is what often makes us the most successful.

As entrepreneurs, we have a bad habit of chasing Newness: new sales tactics, partnerships, marketing campaigns, social platforms, etc. As a result, we fail to fully maximize the opportunity that is in front of us, when we could simply do more of what we are already working on and or do it better.

The #1 differentiating factor between successful entrepreneurs, sales outcomes, or content marketing is the ability to override the urge for novelty and remain resolute to do more of what is working, better.

Introducing the More, Better, New Framework:

Before we launch a new platform, start a new marketing campaign, forge a new market, or decided to kill an initiative we have to look at it from 3 different perspectives.

  • More: Rather than stopping or changing what I am doing can I simply do more of what I am already doing in order to exponentially increase my output and results?


    - I post 1x per day on Linkedin, Can I post 3x per day?
    - I make 5 cold calls per day, can I make 8 phone calls?
    - We spend $1000/day on paid ads, can I spend $2000?
  • Better: Rather than doing more, can I simply do it better?  In other words, can I increase the quality? Is this the best it can be? and Compared to what standard?


    - I post 3x per day. Can I improve the quality of my copy?
    - I make 5 cold calls per day. Can I improve my openers to increase conversion?
    - $1000/day ad spend. Can I improve landing pages & copy to convert more?
    - We respond to leads in 30 minutes, can we respond in 5 minutes?
  • *More X Better: Increase the output, while improving the quality

So at what point do we move on to NEW things?

When we lose the exponential leverage on Time, Cost, or Quality and it can't be solved with people, processes, or systems. Then and only then, have you tapped your full potential.

To sum it all up.  Most of us don't stick with one activity long enough to gain enough momentum.

The problem is not necessarily what we are doing, it's actually our brain getting bored.  



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