$ales & Lead$: The 96% Difference

$ales & Lead$: The 96% Difference

Did you know that less that 4% of businesses ever make it to $1,000,000 dollars in topline revenue.  

This is not to be confused with those companies like construction, who pass materials cost through their business and like to tout how high their revenue is, when in reality their gross revenue on services rendered is no more than 30%.  

I'm talking about about actual payment for the service or product you are providing.

So what is the difference between those businesses and the 96% of those whom barley making it?

  • #1) A dedicated sales team, and lucrative compensation structure
  • #2) A concerted marketing strategy that runs in conjunction with the sales effort, all the time.

The biggest mistakes I see Small business owners make:

  • They are afraid to pay commission: Either because they can't understand why someone would take that offer, they are unsure how to create a commission structure.  Or they are greedy thinking about how much of the revenue they would have to give up to some one else.
  • Treat marketing as an event, not a lifestyle: Either they run marketing  sporadically or they dabble with ads as a part time practice.

The truth

Sales & Marketing are the food and water for your business.  You will have a very hard time putting on muscle mass (revenue) if you are always underfed and emaciated. In order to grow, you have to consume the cash calories your business is producing, and feed the beast.  

Seven to thirty percent of your Gross Revenue should be invested back into the business, in the form of marketing, to generate opportunity for your Sales team.



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