$ales & Lead$: The Rules Have Changed, But You Have Not

$ales & Lead$: The Rules Have Changed, But You Have Not

Over the past few weeks, I have heard more talk of a recession than in the previous 12 months.  

From the fast-approaching debt ceiling, to inflation, to increased interest rates, to bank failures, to entrepreneurs using the infamous, "you know the economy" one-liner as an excuse for why they are not succeeeding right now.

It's time to wake up.  The market has shifted.  You are moving too slowly.  And there is some pain on the horizon.  You better get a fire under your butt today, or it is going to be a very hard couple of years for you.

  • A recession is not the reason you are struggling.  The reason you are struggling is the rules changed, but you have not.
  • The game is different. And it will continue on whether you participate or not.

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