🥵$treet $mart$: It's getting hot in here. Close the loop!

🥵$treet $mart$: It's getting hot in here. Close the loop!

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Optimizing Operations


Operations= People, Processes, & Measurement


Hiring is one of the most expensive, time-intensive, and potentially costly investments any entrepreneur can make.  That said, after hiring north of 500+ people in my career, I have made all the mistakes and come to realize that resumes are worthless.  The way to win the games is to consistently generate a healthy flow of A+ players to your team and then put them in the right seat.


Buy the book - Who: The A Method for Hiring
ISBN-13: 9780345504197 Publisher: Random House Publishing Group Publication date: 09/30/2008 Pages: 208 Dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d) In this instant …

📇 Process

Realistically, only a handful of processes really matter in your business. So what processes are non-negotiable?  Use the 8 core concepts of business to prioritize and develop framework-based processes that will help an A+ player quickly get up to speed in the business.


🖺 Process = Freedom
When we start our businesses, we are one deal away from a breakthrough and one road bump away from disaster. As the founder, the business relies heavily on us for everything. This often means that if we go down for the count, then the business doesn’t run. But this
Dial in on Your Processes While Focusing on Scale


Create and Orchestrate: Marcus Whitney - Author Hour
In Create and Orchestrate, innovator Marcus Whitney walks you through his unlikely journey from waiting tables to building companies.
Learn the 8 Core Concepts of Business 


In order to create a closed-loop system, you need to develop an operating system by which you run the business. The greatest closed-loop system of our lifetime is the personal computer. The reason you can so easily jump on any PC or Mac and easily find your way around is because of the operating system.  We can and should take a page from the computer engineering playbook and install an operating system of our own in our business.  The book Traction and the EOS system are invaluable operating systems for your business to implement.

Tools / Systems:

Get a Grip on Your Business™ - with EOS We help entrepreneurs clarify their vision, gain traction and increase team health through simple, proven and
Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)


Traction Book Summary by Gino Wickman
The most detailed book summary of “Traction” by Gino Wickman. Get the main points of “Traction” with Shortform book summaries.
Traction By Gino Wickman

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