$treet $marts: 🗿CULTure

$treet $marts: 🗿CULTure

$treet $mart$ (vol. 38)


Here is what everyone gets wrong about culture.

You can't force culture from the outside in.  

Culture is intrinsic.

It doesn't require swag, fancy offices, parties, ping-pong tables, or beers on Fridays.

It's built on a shared set of beliefs and a shared vision for the future.  

Intrinsic Culture comes from within, while extrinsic novelty is built on factors that wear off quickly. Especially when shit gets hard.

  • When you are intrinsically motivated, you engage in an activity because you enjoy it and get personal satisfaction from doing it - a Mission, a Career, a Passion
  • But when you are extrinsically motivated, you do something in order to gain an external reward - a job, a paycheck until the next best thing comes along.

Great leaders push values, find great people who align with those values, and then they let Culture drive the business.

Because they know the strength is in the tribe and not the Vision.

Because they know the tribe will establish accountability.

And The tribe will prune the herd.

Because Values drive the Culture and the Culture Drives the Business.


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