⬆️$treet $mart$: Multi-Dimensional Leaders Outperform

⬆️$treet $mart$: Multi-Dimensional Leaders Outperform

$treet$mart$ (vol. 13)





Expanded Leadership Book Review


The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

212. The Mindset of an Entrepreneur with Samson Jagoras
This week I sit down with Samson Jagoras to talk about the mindset of an entrepreneur. Samson experienced success on the football field as a Fullback at the...


Biblical Advice on Business

Bible on Business
The Bible is full of statements and stories applicable to work and business. This 31 day devotional plan is designed by business leaders to highlight these passages and relate them to the marketplace context. We hope these words will inspire you to a more faithful work and deeper love of scripture.

Quick Tips:

Leaders Must Model Behavior


A Deeply Personal Conversation About Conversion

CNLP 534 | Patrick Lencioni Opens Up About Becoming a Devout Christian, His Real Motivation, Genius Gaps, and Drunks and Monks
Listen to this episode from The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Spotify. Table Group founder and bestselling author, Patrick Lencioni, returns to the podcast for a deeply personal conversation about his conversion to Christianity, becoming a more devoted follower of Jesus, how he views successi…

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Xcelerated Leaders Summit by PAIN TO PROFIT$

We are hosting a live in-person event to build, inspire, and level up as leaders in our businesses and in our community. This event is free however, spots are limited so be sure to reserve your ticket now.

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