📦$treet $mart$: What Qualities Make a Product Great?

📦$treet $mart$: What Qualities Make a Product Great?

$treet$mart$ (vol. 11)

Product Focus: What Makes Them Great?

Does it Have a Solid Value Proposition?

This truly is the basis of any successful product: if it doesn’t solve a problem for an end user then everything else falls apart. No one would ever buy a tool to do something they don’t do. There are many different user needs: known and unknown, complex and simple, natural and artificially created, part of a chain of needs or standalone; but every product needs to speak to one of these needs and solve it.

If no one wanted to learn a language, we wouldn’t have Duolingo. If no one needed to get from A to B we wouldn’t have Uber (or cars for that matter). If there is no need for a product, it will not be used. Likewise, a product that fulfills a need, but doesn’t succeed at making the process any better or easier (think Amazon Dash button) will not last long.

Product Tools & Tips


Tactical Advice:

What is product management and how do you do it?

The Ultimate Guide to Product Management
Quick: What is product management? Can you succinctly answer, right now? It’s tough. Read the ultimate guide to become an expert?


Tools that help you come up with great products

Product Management Software | Productboard
Productboard is a suite of product management software tools that helps product managers understand customer needs, prioritize features & rally everyone around the roadmap. Free 15-day trial.


Building Killer Products

Book Review: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products :: UXmatters
Web magazine about user experience matters, providing insights and inspiration for the user experience community

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