$treet $mart$: Product Led Onboarding = Customer Experience

$treet $mart$: Product Led Onboarding = Customer Experience

$treet $mart$ (vol. 26)

Customer Experience Focus

The traditional lead form is dying!

Now customers want to date before they decide to get married.

In other words, the customer wants to onboard themselves and have as little human interaction as possible. At least until they decide they are sold on the product/service. In fact, if possible, they would not prefer to speak to anyone.

Customers want to interact with your product or service, on their terms, not yours.

If we know that 90% of the research process is done before the customer ever picks up the phone, how do we create a better customer Experience? Whether you are a SaSS product or a service, how can you create a better customer onboarding experience for new customers?

Introducing, Product Lead Onboarding.

The idea of product lead onboarding starts with simple, yet fundamental questions. Can this solve my problem? Followed by, what does this cost?

Product lead onboarding hinges on the simple idea, that the product will sell itself once the customer can experience it, and secondly, whoever makes this process the easiest wins, because smooth is fast.

Monday.com is Killing Product Lead Onboarding

Rather than forcing you to fill out a form and speak with a sales rep before you can experience the platform, they start by asking you for your 'use case'.

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Monday.com understands its customers, uses cases, and creates out-of-the-box solutions to increase conversions to encourage self-onboarding. After which you are instantly launched into a free trial, and a walk-through, and you have started selling yourself.

Why does this matter?

Just like content is the new SEO.  Customer experience is the new customer service.  Customer service is just one part of the entire customer journey, while customer experience encompasses all the interactions between your brand and a customer. The easier that first interaction, the easier it is to upsell them and ultimately convert them into lifelong customers.

first impressions last a lifetime.

Customer Experience For Service Based Business



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