$treet $mart$: The 100% Customer Satisfaction Formula

$treet $mart$: The 100% Customer Satisfaction Formula

$treet $mart$ (vol. 18)

Customer Service

Most people think about customer service as the event that happens after you get a customer. However, in my experience, customer service starts long before your clients even know you exist. You can do all the fancy marketing you want to convince customers to buy your product/service, but it won't mean a thing if you can’t actually deliver.  

This is the #1 disconnect between sales and service within every organization. This is because sales are incented on commission, and service is incented on retention.

If your sales team is separate from your service/fulfillment team, then the sales team needs to be incentivized to sell on accuracy, not just volume.

Here's my formula for cultivating an everlasting relationship with your customers, which I call:

The 100% Customer Satisfaction Formula

1. Start by attracting the right people and deterring the wrong ones - 25%

Do they align with your company values? And are they ready? Meaning is their business ready for what you have to offer. Often what the customer thinks they need and what they actually need are two different things.

2.  Are they matched to the appropriate solution? Sell them what they actually need - 25%

Just because they can use an aspect of your product or service, doesn’t mean they should buy everything.

3. Share in the client's risk by way of a guarantee - 25%

Do you and the client both have skin in the game? If you're afraid to give a guarantee, then you need to look at steps 1 and 2. Either you are selling the wrong person, selling them the wrong thing, or you are selling something that you know you can’t deliver on. This is why you should incentivize salespeople to sell on accuracy.

4. Create a predictable and repeatable process - 25%

If the product or service can’t be delivered the same way each time, regardless of who is executing it, then you can expect inconsistent customer satisfaction.

The Secret Sauce

This is why you will hear me obsess about defining the ideal customer, clearly defining the products/service offerings to match the client in their lifecycle, establishing a guarantee, and focusing on accuracy before speed.

If you have a business, are starting a business, or are going to buy a business, take the time to dial in the four steps to 100% Customer Service Satisfaction above. Look for opportunities to add value by defining and fixing these potential issues within your organization's customer service process.

Below, I have put together all the best books, videos, podcasts, and content that have influenced me over the years when it comes to customer service. Hope it helps you level up and save time.



Customer Service



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