$treet $mart$: 🏴‍☠️ The Mutiny of 1789

$treet $mart$: 🏴‍☠️ The Mutiny of 1789

$treet $mart$ (vol. 21)

In April of 1789, after years of planning and anticipation, HMS Bounty set forth on a mission to transport breadfruit plants from Tahiti to the West Indies.  When they made their fateful five-month layover in paradise, tensions began brewing between Captain Bligh and his crew. As each day passed, the captain became increasingly ruthless, with little regard for his crew.  Day after day, the punishments, criticism, and abuse increased.  Until Lieutenant Fletcher Christian could no longer bare it, and his disaffected crew seized control of the HMS Bounty from their captain.

Days turned into weeks, and after setting eighteen of Captian Bligh's loyalists adrift in an open launch with barely any provisions, the rebellion grew tired and fled to peaceful Tahiti or isolated Pitcairn Island, where they attempted to hide away from justice.  But captain Bligh was a vengeful man who, despite incredibly slim odds, navigated over three thousand five hundred miles across turbulent waters for safety and organized a new crew to pursue those who had wronged him.

The notorious mutiny on the Bounty was one of history's most renowned seafaring rebellions, immortalized in books and films alike. It remains an enduring testament to a clash between loyalty and dissent that fascinates people today.

⚓ Preventing Mutiny in Our Business

Running a successful business is akin to captaining an immense ship across the vast, unpredictable ocean. Like turbulent waters and violent storms that can surge at any moment, so too does the tumultuous nature of our economy require alertness from its leaders or risk disaster for their teams below deck. Unfortunately, it's easy for us as captains of the company to become complacent with power. Losing sight of these dangers by growing blindly overconfident in our own ability may entice rebellion before we realize what has happened. Mutiny rarely manifests of its own volition but rather results from extended periods of oppressive leadership practiced during good times and bad.

🚢 Walk the Plank

To keep the business afloat, we must adhere to a few simple but vitally important principles: first and foremost, we must rigorously challenge our ego and practice humility no matter how successful we become. Recognize that even though we may be steering the organization towards its goals, it is ultimately made up of many other individuals who contribute their own experience, expertise, and hard work into keeping it running. Acknowledge their efforts publicly whenever possible and reward them for their dedication with regular recognition; raises, promotions, or additional incentives if permissible.

🦜Polly Want a Cracker?

Secondly, practice open candor with your whole team - don't just bark orders from afar but instead take the time to listen to our employee's feedback on how best to make decisions or carry out tasks in the most efficient manner possible. Nothing breeds loyalty like understanding and respect. Otherwise, we'll end up in a room full of parrots who never speak their mind and agree with everything we say.  Meanwhile, we are riding our ship directly off a cliff.  

🧭Navigating Uncharted Waters

Finally, remain flexible and agile in all of our plans while never losing sight of your destination.  When we become arrogant dictators, who disregard candor, we fail to adjust our course soon enough to avoid certain death.  

Remember: captains set out for uncharted shores, but it takes the combined efforts of everyone onboard to finally arrive at a safe harbor.

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“The first job of a leader – at work or home– is to inspire trust… by creating an atmosphere in which high-trust interaction allows people’s creativity and potential blossom". - Stephen Covey

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