$treet $mart$: The One Thing That Changes Everything In Business

$treet $mart$: The One Thing That Changes Everything In Business

$treet $mart$ (vol. 40)


I am still amazed at how many teams don't have standing weekly, same-time & place accountability meetings.  

As entrepreneurs it's easy to get buried in the minutia of your day to day, only to pick your head up and weeks have gone by since you checked in with your team.

But for as long as we are in business, the same time, same place meeting will remain a vital ritual in playing the game of business.

"Small Leaks can sink big ships."

That said most meetings are a complete waste of everyone's time. After speaking with over 100's entrepreneurs for my podcast, newsletter, and consulting practice, I've discovered the rules to running an effective meeting. These tips and strategies can work for anyone, regardless of their title or position, and ensure that every meeting is productive.

Set the Agenda

First and foremost, set the agenda. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many meetings start without a clear sense of purpose. Whether it's written on a whiteboard, summarized on a handout, or explicitly discussed at the beginning, everyone should know why they've gathered and what they're supposed to accomplish. The agenda acts as a compass, guiding the conversation and bringing it back on track if it strays off course. By ensuring there is an agenda before the meeting starts, leaders can quickly get everyone on the same page.

Start & End On Time

Starting on time and ending on time are also crucial. There's nothing more draining than waiting for the person in charge to show up. Whether it's a power play or sheer busyness, it's disrespectful to keep others waiting. Time is valuable, and wasting it by guessing when the boss will arrive is a disservice to everyone involved. Set the standard for punctuality by showing up on time yourself, and others will follow suit. Additionally, having a definitive end time for the meeting ensures that you stay on track and allow people to get back to their work promptly.

Set Actionable Todos

Finally, end the meeting with an action plan. Use the last few minutes to discuss the next steps, assigning responsibilities, and setting deadlines. Without an action plan, all the time spent in the meeting will be wasted. By asking "Who's got the ball?" or using acronyms like S.M.A.R.T.O. (Specific, Measurable,  Actionable, Reasonable, Timebound, & Owned by Who ), you ensure that there is clear ownership and accountability for moving things forward.

With a clear agenda, punctual start and end times, and a focused action plan, you can make every minute count. As a result, you will create a Cadence and Culture of Accountability that will drive your business forward.



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