The Weekender: We've been hijacked...

The Weekender: We've been hijacked...

My name is Darius Bell.

I'm one of the members of the Pain To Profits team and Executive Producer of the podcast.

I am hijacking today's Weekender to tell you about an event we are hosting in June and ask for your help in letting at least one other person know.

On June 9th we are bringing together 300 entrepreneurs and businesses leaders for our first ever Sales and Leads Entrepreneurial Summit.

Who are we hosting the summit for: Sales professionals, Sales teams, Small Business Owners, Business Development Teams, Social Media Directors, Agency Directors, Insurance Producers, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Outside sales professionals, Entrepreneurs, Sales Development Reps, Market Development Reps, Marketing Managers, Sales Consultants, Acquisition Specialists, Chief Sales Officers, VP of Sales, CMO's, CEO's and Director of Sales.

When is it taking place: June 9th, 9am-2pm MDT.

Where: Fort Collins, Colorado

Who are the featured speakers:

BRAD PENLEY | US Navy Commander: Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Navy Special Warfare Command.
ANDY NEARY | CEO Complete Game Consulting.
MATT SHOUP | Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, & Writer.
DARIUS BELL (me) | Pain To Profits & Chief Marketing Officer for

Why are we hosting this event?

Pain To Profits and Clearly Acquired want to see a more connected and mutually investing businesses community here in Northern Colorado.

We also know that most business are not prepared for this new world where sales, marketing, media, brand growth, and business growth are all tied together, no longer in their own separate little buckets.

We want to help equip business leaders of all kinds to meet the times ahead with clarity and a plan.

That said, consider this email as our personal invitation for you to join us on June 9th!!

Last thing, will you share this with one person who would benefit from being there also?

We are halfway there with a month to go and want to get as many entrepreneurs and business leaders together for this first summit and we could use your help.

I'll attach a link to our event page with all additional info and ticketing.

Thank you for letting me takeover The Weekender.

I hope to see your name on the list as our team begins final preparations.

- Darius

Sales & Leads Entrepreneurial Summit
Sales, Marketing, Branding, and Strategy for business owners, sales professionals & entrepreneurs to take your game to the next level.