Xcelerated Performance: Suffering Leads to Salvation

Xcelerated Performance: Suffering Leads to Salvation

Let's face it; no one wants to suffer.

I know a bit about this topic after my weekend from hell.

If anyone has ever suffered through kidney stones, they know the immense pain I speak of.

Though hard to endure, physical pain has a quicker recovery time than emotional suffering...

I made it through 72 hours of what felt like breach labor with a knife stabbed in my left side, puncturing my lung. No joke.

But Monday morning rolled around, and the sun came out. That pain is but a glimpse in my rearview mirror.

But emotional suffering often leaves open wounds in our souls. They will plague us for the rest of our days if not worked through.

Like... The dreams that were given up on, the failed marriage, the business that collapsed, the bankruptcy filed, the lost friendships, the abuse, the painful secrets... the list goes on.  

We must remember that Jesus didn't come for the perfect; He came for the broken.

I promise you, if you hand all those broken pieces over to God, He'll radically restore and heal them all.

I find refuge in a savor that endured all. There is nothing I can go through that Jesus doesn't understand firsthand.

This life is full of obstacles and pain. But take heart. Jesus has already overcome the world.

It's important to remember that today, on Good Friday, though it may look bleak, though it may look like the devil has won... The sun will come out Sunday, and the Son of God will have His victory.

It is finished.

Wishing You a Happy & Blessed Easter Weekend.



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