$ales & Lead$: 🐊Alligator Brain 🧠

$ales & Lead$: 🐊Alligator Brain 🧠

Ever wondered why we're more inclined to do something when someone tells us not to?

Research has shown that when a message is too forceful, the recipient may actually ignore it and adopt an opposing position.

Alligator Brain

Pressing too hard or appearing needy, has the unintended consequences of persuasion and has a big impact on our behavior. Neediness triggers the lowest level of our brain, and the least analytical part of our limbic system - the alligator brain.

The reptilian brain has three responses: Run, Fight, or Have Sex.

In other words, this part of our brain uses the least critical thinking and is fueled by hormones.

So why does this happen?

Our minds have a built-in resistance to new information and attempts at manipulation. When we feel emotionally confronted or suspect someone is trying to control us, our resistance strengthens.  Our Fight or Flight Response kicks in, triggering what sociologists call the Boomerang Effect.

How can we harness it to sell more effectively?

One way is to use controversial or contrarian thinking in your marketing messaging.

This type of content tends to evoke strong reactions and engagement, which can expose your message to a wider audience and attract those who align with your beliefs.

A great example of this comes from a recent podcast Guest, Nick Huber, who intentionally shares thought-provoking opinions that repel the wrong buyers but attract the right ones.

By embracing controversy, he boosts his engagement and reaches buyers who resonate with his perspective.

In other words, Psychographics are more important than demographics when it comes to messaging.

When people feel manipulated or when things don't go as planned, they look for someone to blame.  By positioning ourselves as their ally against a shared foe, we build trust and rapport with the audience. In turn, making them love us more.



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