$treet $mart$: Why Your Sales Are Stuck β†’ The 10 Commitments

$treet $mart$: Why Your Sales Are Stuck β†’ The 10 Commitments

$treet $mart$ (vol. 19)

Sales Focus

They say that desperation is a salesperson's worst deodorant. Having been in sales for over 15 years, and led, trained, and coached sales teams, I can assure you this is an incredibly accurate statement. That said, the #1 issue I see most in salespeople is that they are unclear about their process. As a result, when they get stuck, they focus on the outcome instead of moving to the next stage in the sales cycle. I know this because I have suffered from countless deals stuck in the pipeline, without a clear path to move them forward. Β 

In future newsletters, I will get into the nuance of handling an individual call, but for today, we are going to focus on The 10 Commitments or closes that every single sale must cross, to get a signed contract and money in hand. If you are building a sales team or you are currently responsible for new sales in your business, Anthony Innarino's 10 closes will change your life, just like it has mine; this is especially important if you are in high ticket sales.

The 10 Commitments Philosophy

Never ask for the sale solely at the end. Build momentum by asking for 10 commitments along the way. Always be closing for the next step in the sequence, not just for the decision at the end of the process.

βœ”οΈCommitment #1 – Commit time: Get prospects to agree to meet with you and discuss their needs. This is difficult to get. Offer prospects insights and ideas for generating better results if they will give you their time.
βœ”οΈCommitment #2 – Explore needs: Do a needs analysis and discovery with your prospects. This positions you well.
βœ”οΈCommitment #3 – Change: Get prospects to agree to make changes in what they do. If it's clear, it will add value.
βœ”οΈCommitment #4 – Collaborate: Gain your prospect's input on solutions so you partner with them and they own the solution.
βœ”οΈCommitment #5 – Build consensus: Give a voice to everyone affected by the decision to change so you have internal support.
βœ”οΈCommitment #6 – Invest in solution: Get prospects to agree to invest more to generate the results they truly want to produce.
βœ”οΈCommitment #7 – Review progress: Ask for time to present your solution to all stakeholders and decision-makers.
βœ”οΈCommitment #8 – Resolve concerns: Guide prospects through their fears and doubts and prove you're there to serve.
βœ”οΈCommitment #9 – Decide: Ask for the commitment to buy, which will now be natural rather than a pressure situation. Β 
βœ”οΈCommitment #10 – Execute!

Asking, "unless there are any other questions or concerns you haven't shared with me, I'd like to get you started right now,"  is my favorite way of closing the sale. This does one of two things, forces them to execute or forces them to tell you what's holding them back.




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